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U3A - the University of the Third Age - is an international movement that encourages people to take part in lifelong learning for pleasure. U3A allows people to enjoy educational, creative, social and leisure activities in a relaxed environment at low cost. There are no prior qualifications, no exams and no degrees awarded.

U3A Yarra City aims to

  • Provide opportunities for seniors for lifelong learning and social activity
  • Harness the cultural diversity, life experience and knowledge of older people
  • Provide affordable self-help educational and recreational programs for mature adults
  • Foster relationships with other community organisations which have complementary or compatible aims

U3A Insights

Intrigued by what a University of the Third Age does? Who can be involved?

Interested in bicycling, or looking for bike paths suitable for over 50’s? See the new web site built by the On Yer Bike group from U3A Yarra City:


4/2 Water Colour Painting Group If you would like to paint in a convivial setting with like minded painters, please come along and join us. Ann shall demonstrate in water colours.
This course is held at the U3A Yarra City office. 9.30-12.00 . First and third weeks of month.

5/2 Spanish for Beginners This course is for those who have not been in the Beginners' class in 2018. It will cover basic Spanish Grammar and Vocabulary and its use in conversation for those wishing to begin learning the language. The lessons will be taught in language as far as possible but questions answered in English where needed. Latin-American Pronunciation will be used but differences for Spain will be explained.
Class tutor, Philip McIntyre has been a teacher of English as a Second Language for over 40 years. He first studied Spanish at University, then lived with Central Americans in the US. He has travelled extensively in South & Central America and in Spain.
This course is held at the U3A Yarra City office. 14.30-16.00 Weekly.

8/2 Travelling with Criminals – France (Book Group) 2019 Nearly everyone has a picture of France in their head – as being so very French! We often see it has having a coherent culture, language, history and geography. In 5 crime novels, we will explore the differences - between Paris and the regions, between the north and the south, between the attitudes of the elite and the rest of the population. We will look at the admiration for some things American – hard-boiled detective stories and jazz. We will see racism, but also the melting pot of races in the Mediterranean port of Marseilles. We will drink in the strange and often cruel myths of regional France with Fred Vargas and see the homeliness and comforts of small-town French life in Martin Walker’s crime novel set in the Dordogne. Join me as we kick off with the (Belgian!) master of French detective novels – Georges Simenon - and let’s enjoy Maigret’s musings on how to get inside the criminal mind to solve crime. Holden St Neighbourhood House Fitzroy North. Monthly10.30-11.30


18/2 Chinese for Beginners Jin Ru Yin (Lulu) will teach basic speaking and writing Chinese. Weekly, 13.30-14.30 U3A Chinese in Yarra, 140 Brunswick St., Fitzroy


26/2 Creating Health: Wellbeing Today for Longevity Dr Kate Gregorevic  is a geriatrician at The Royal Melbourne Hospital and has recently completed a PhD, she is currently writing her first book on health and longevity.

Every day we make myriad small decisions that accumulate over time to create health. It can feel like there is a constant conflict between enjoying ourselves today and denying ourselves for a potential future payoff. Choosing to prioritise wellbeing now is a way to move past this perceived conflict between now and the future. By choosing to value ourselves and create health today, we can feel energized and engaged with life, as well as giving ourselves the best chance of the longest, healthiest life possible for the future.



Membership subscriptions being taken NOW for 2019.  To renew membership or join U3A Yarra City, go to Membership Page and view Payment Options.  Read instructions for payment, then renew or join.
Course details for 2019 published 23 November (see Courses page).  Course enrolments begin on December 3.



Semester 1: Tuesday, January 29th to Friday June 28th.
School holidays: including Easter: Saturday, April 6th to Monday, April 22nd

Midyear break: Saturday, June 29th to Sunday, July 14th.

Semester 2: Monday, July 15 to Friday, December 20th.
School holidays: Saturday, September 21st to Sunday, October 6th.

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Phone (03) 9416 3443
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Office hours:
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Closed public holidays and school holidays except during enrolment times.