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U3A - the University of the Third Age - is an international movement that encourages people to take part in lifelong learning for pleasure. U3A allows people to enjoy educational, creative, social and leisure activities in a relaxed environment at low cost. There are no prior qualifications, no exams and no degrees awarded.

U3A Yarra City aims to

  • Provide opportunities for seniors for lifelong learning and social activity
  • Harness the cultural diversity, life experience and knowledge of older people
  • Provide affordable self-help educational and recreational programs for mature adults
  • Foster relationships with other community organisations which have complementary or compatible aims

U3A Insights

Intrigued by what a University of the Third Age does? Who can be involved?

Interested in bicycling, or looking for bike paths suitable for over 50’s? See the new web site built by the On Yer Bike group from U3A Yarra City:


4/3 Seasonal Walks of the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens
During this walk we will wander through various parts of the Botanic Gardens and observe how the plants change over the year.

More than 8,500 plant species from around the world are presented in a kaleidoscope of colour and texture in the Gardens.

This guided activity costs $10. We will meet at 9.30 a.m. at the Visitors' Centre, Birdwood Ave., Melbourne.


5/3 Democratic Eco-socialism for the Future The Age of Climate Change.
From an anthropological perspective, social systems do not last forever. Capitalism has developed into a global system with numerous contradictions, particularly growing social inequality, environmental degradation, and climate change. This talk seeks to revisit the notion of socialism and makes a case for the need to transition to an alternative world system based on social justice, democratic processes, environmental sustainability, and a safe climate.
Hans Baer is a Principal Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne who has published 21 books, including DEMOCRATIC ECO-SOCIALISM AS A REAL UTOPIA.


12/3 China’s One Belt, One Road. In 2011, Dr Dorward made a submission to the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade on “China’s role in Africa and the implications for Australia”. Since then, he has maintained a running brief on China’s overseas investments, not only in Africa but globally, and their implications for Australia, the United States, Europe and the global economy in the 21st Century. His address will focus on the implications of China’s “One Belt. One Road”, the “Made in China 2025” initiative and BRICS (an organization comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

.19/3 Law Reform in Victoria: recent changes Rescheduled from 2018!
The VLRC’s role, how they advise state government and what they recommend and why. Examples include:
*Guardianship. The law has recently changed in relation to powers of attorney and people's wishes for medical care if they should lose the capacity to make their own decisions. The VLRC's report on guardianship made many recommendations that have now become the law.
*Legalising medicinal cannabis. The VLRC carried out an inquiry on how the government should introduce a new scheme making medicinal cannabis available to people in exceptional circumstances, commencing with young children with intractable epilepsy.
*Funeral and burial instructions. Many people do not realise that their instructions for their own funeral and burial are not legally binding - it is the executor who has the right to decide. This can lead to family disputes. The VLRC recommended that funeral and burial instructions should be legally binding.
Nick Gadd has been the communications manager of the VLRC for five years. During that time he has worked closely on 14 law reform projects

26/3 The Maddest Place on Earth

Join author and clinical psychologist, Jill Giese, to time travel back to the little-known world of Melbourne's early lunatic asylums, bulging with patients as colonial Victoria grappled with the highest rate of insanity in the world. The story of the colony’s efforts to cure lunacy with an enlightened treatment will be shared through the experiences of patients, the ambitious doctor in charge, and a mysterious journalist working undercover to sensationally expose the patients' plight in Melbourne’s press. Jill’s book, The Maddest Place on Earth, won the 2018 Victorian Premier’s History Award.


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Semester 1: Tuesday, January 29th to Friday June 28th.
School holidays: including Easter: Saturday, April 6th to Monday, April 22nd

Midyear break: Saturday, June 29th to Sunday, July 14th.

Semester 2: Monday, July 15 to Friday, December 20th.
School holidays: Saturday, September 21st to Sunday, October 6th.

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