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CORONVIRUS UPDATE - TERM 4, 2020 (Commencing October 5th)

All face-to-face classes are suspended owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, until safety conditions change. However, many of our classes are running via digital platforms.

A new range of online Tuesday forums and a new course (also online) will commence in Term 4. If you wish to join any of these classes (where places are available), please seek to enrol online (click the Membership button above to log-in) or contact us at


Classes and activities using online video conferencing (on various platforms):

  • Ageing well in Yarra
  • American Literature
  • Art for All
  • Bonsai
  • Computer Workshop
  • Cryptic Crosswords
  • French Conversation - Intermediate
  • Landmarks in Australian Literature 2020
  • Mandarin Chinese for Beginners
  • Memoir Writing for Women
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Monthly Music on Mondays
  • Parliamo 1 & 2
  • Playreadings at Finbar
  • Social Issues Learning Circle
  • Spanish – Continuing
  • The Empire Fights Back: exploring post - colonial Literature.
  • Walk and Coffee

Classes where tutor is connecting with the class via emails/What’s App etc
·        Computer Workshop
·         Film Studies 2020
·         Lunch Around the World
·         Melbourne Galleries and Museums
·         Melbourne Historic Walks
·         Spanish for Beginners

Participants will need to enrol online. They will then be invited to join a Zoom session via an email link sent before the session. 





 5/10, 19/10, 2/11, 16/11, 30/11, 14/12

From Cozies to Crazies – an introduction to International Crime Fiction
(Mondays, 2.00 – 3.30 pm)

Ruhi Yamen

 Drawing room mysteries, detective fiction, whodunit, police procedural, crime story, hardboiled, noir… These labels are among many that point to a particular form of narrative which began in the nineteenth century and gradually spread through modern film, television, and literature. Focus of the course is the various expressions of crime fiction in literature and its historical, philosophical, and political implications. Discussions will include short fiction by William Faulkner, Edgar Allan Poe and Conan Doyle and novels by Agatha Christie, Raymond Chandler, Georges Simenon, Graham Greene, and others. The attendants will receive a list of the authors and their chosen works on enrolment. Pre-reading is suggested but not essential as sufficient information (without spoilers) will be shared during each session.

The Forum sessions begin at 10.30 am






What is nbn™ & How to get connected

Gabe Denemark



Courage To Care

Peter Gasper

As a volunteer Peter joined the Courage To Care Travelling Educational Program 20 years ago. He will show a brief film. Peter was born in 1937 in Slovakia and as a Holocaust Survivor arrived in Australia in 1949. As a volunteer he joined the Courage To Care Travelling Educational Program 20 years ago.


BREXIT and its impact on the UK.

David Dorward

BREXIT will still be with us and them. It has gone out of the news as Britain has struggled with COVID19 but if anything, COVID has made BREXIT even more of a looming disaster.



David Lee

Our Annual General Meeting online this year, everyone will be invited



David Dorward

The waning of the US dollar as the international currency of exchange will have major impacts on the global economy. It’s been building for years— and not merely because of pressure from Russia and China. While few Australians are aware of the potential for de-dollarization, it could have major impacts in our lifetime


America vs Iran

David Dorward

Tensions with Iran persist, and US Sec. of State Pompeo is ratcheting up pressure on America’s allies for support, even though the U.S. policy has been a failure and the outcome of war with Iran woul be problematic. While a change in the White House could lead to a pause in American’s politics toward Iran, the pressure from Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States for action= against Iran will persist and they have a powerful lobby-voice in Washington


Result of US Election

David Dorward

Redirecting American foreign and domestic policies in the wake of the Trump years and the culmination of American corruption, mismanagement, and foreign policies disasters.



Nathan Moshinsky

This talk surveys the life and work of Vermeer who lived during a turbulent era but became renowned for his paintings of tranquil interiors and the elegant persons who inhabited them. The talk examines some of his key works and the period when they were created.



Lyn Watson



Christmas Markets Tour in Europe

Mary Dickens

Mary will take us through Christmas markets in seven countries in Europe and then two weeks in London including Christmas Day 2015.  While Mary did not know it at the time of booking, the tour started in Paris two weeks after the terror attacks in which over 100 people died and necessitated some changes to the itinerary and significant changes to border crossing processes throughout Europe during the hunt for the perpetrators of the Paris attacks.



Wendy Hall

Wendy’s famous Richmond based quiz again!





U3A - the University of the Third Age - is an international movement that encourages people to take part in lifelong learning for pleasure. U3A allows people to enjoy educational, creative, social and leisure activities in a relaxed environment at low cost. There are no prior qualifications, no exams and no degrees awarded.

U3A Yarra City aims to

  • Provide opportunities for seniors for lifelong learning and social activity
  • Harness the cultural diversity, life experience and knowledge of older people
  • Provide affordable self-help educational and recreational programs for mature adults
  • Foster relationships with other community organisations which have complementary or compatible aims

U3A Insights

Intrigued by what a University of the Third Age does? Who can be involved?

Interested in bicycling, or looking for bike paths suitable for over 50’s? See the new web site built by the On Yer Bike group from U3A Yarra City:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, TUESDAY FORUMS will NOT be held at the Collingwood Library for the next few months. Please check this page regularly for information.


Membership registration and subscriptions for 2021 will be taken from Monday, 2 nd November 2020. 

To renew membership or join U3A Yarra City, go to Membership Page and view Payment Options. Read instructions for payment, then renew or join..



Semester 1: Tuesday, January 27th to Friday June 25th.
Autumn holidays: including Easter: Friday 2nd April to Sunday 18th April
Midyear break: Saturday, June 26th to Sunday, July 11th.
Semester 2: Monday, July 12th to Friday, December 17th.
Spring holidays: Saturday, September 18th to Sunday, October 3 rd .

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