U3A Yarra City Policies

U3A Yarra City has adopted a number of policies designed to promote the safety, well-being and satisfaction of members, and the propriety of office-bearer conduct at all times. Full versions of these policies may be obtained by contacting the Secretary if required. Click the topics below for summaries of the key points.

U3A Yarra City will endeavour to minimise risks to its organisation, members and property. All regular venues used belong to City of Yarra and, as such, can be expected to meet appropriate standards for safety. Office-bearers, tutors and volunteers must follow agreed requirements for control of keys and security of access.

Tutors must be aware of emergency exits, safety features and evacuation procedures of the venues they use and ensure members of their classes are familiar with these requirements.

The privacy of members will be respected at all times. Member contact details should not be disclosed without their permission, except where required for teaching and administrative purposes.

When the occasion arises, members should be asked if they mind their photograph being taken for use in U3A publications (newsletter, brochures etc).

(Incorporating Code of Conduct, Sexual Harassment, Bullying and Anti-discrimination.)

Members have a right to participate in U3A without being subject to inappropriate behaviour such as sexual harassment, bullying or discrimination (e.g. on grounds of race, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation). If a member feels they have suffered inappropriate treatment, they should, if possible, ask the offender to stop. If this is not possible or successful, they should contact the U3A Secretary. A grievance procedure will be set in motion, involving an investigation, mediation and, where necessary, a recommendation to the Committee by an unbiased party.

In the event of a serious injury, tutors and leaders need to ensure suitable medical treatment is sought and emergency contacts notified.

The U3A Health and Safety Officer must be notified to allow for investigation and planning to minimise risk of recurrence, and to ensure an Incident Report is completed for our insurer, Victorian Managed Insurance Authority.

In the event of a death, Emergency Services must be notified (dial 000) immediately. The site of an incident should be secured until Police arrive (unless it is necessary to disturb the site to assist an injured person). The President (or Deputy if unavailable) should also be notified as soon as feasible.

Decision-making will be conducted in such a way that conflicts of interest are avoided. U3A office bearers, tutors and volunteers must not use the organisation for any private business or commercial gain.

Authorisation Note: These policy summaries were endorsed for publication on this website by the Committee of Management of U3A Yarra City, as minuted on 27 April 2016.