Rules of Association

In October 2022, at the AGM, U3A Yarra City agreed to its Rules of Association, in accordance with the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.  

U3A Yarra City Rules of Association

The Rules of Association cover such matters as the composition of the Committee of Management, members, General Meetings, and provision for the alteration of the Rules, as well as winding up arrangements. The Rules were amended and updated at the AGM, 2022. The Rules can be viewed here.

U3A Yarra City Policies

U3A Yarra City has adopted a number of policies designed to promote the safety, well-being and satisfaction of members, and the propriety of office-bearer conduct at all times.


U3A Yarra City collects personal information from members so that we can provide services consistent with our primary aim: the provision of educational and recreational activities for mature adults. This means we may use this information for communication, administration, planning, program development and delivery, quality control, research, and maintenance of membership records. The type of information we collect and record from each member includes contact details and emergency contacts, demographic information, interests, skills, and former occupations.

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Sexual Harassment

U3A Yarra City recognizes the right of every member, volunteer or employee to attend classes, or activities and perform their duties without being subjected to sexual harassment. Sexual harassment refers to any unwelcome sexual advance or other conduct of a sexual nature which makes a per son feel offended, humiliated or intimidated, and where that reaction is reasonable in the circumstances. U3A Yarra City encourages any member or volunteer who feels sexually harassed to take action.
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Code of Conduct

U3A Yarra City commits itself to this Code of Conduct for the benefit and protection of the organisation and of members’ personal rights.

Every member of U3A Yarra City has the right to:

  • feel safe and respected, in a supportive and positive learning environment
  • receive prompt and fair resolution of complaints
  • have access to guidelines, policies and procedures of U3A Yarra City.


Any allegations of bullying that are reported to the U3A Yarra City’s Committee of Management will be investigated promptly, treated in confidence and with respect to all parties .The person against whom the allegation is made has the right to know what is alleged against them, put their case in reply, and have any decision be made by an impartial decision-maker. The President or his/her delegate will provide support to the complainant and ascertain the nature of the complaint and the wishes of the complainant.
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Risk Management

U3A Yarra City will endeavour to minimise the risk its operations pose to the organisation, its members and volunteers.
Buildings owned, rented or occupied by U3A Yarra City, together with furniture, equipment and other chattels, will be safeguarded by the Committee of Management.
Where U3A Yarra City property is stolen or damaged due to vandalism, burglary or attempted entry, the damage will be photographed, reported immediately to Victoria Police, and reports will be prepared for insurance purposes (where applicable).

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U3A Yarra City endorses diversity, supports equal rights and equal opportunity, and rejects discrimination based on the characteristics of race, religion, age, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or disability, whether covered by applicable legislation or not. U3A Yarra City’s Equal Opportunity approach seeks to ensure that all volunteers and members are given equal access to the services and benefits it provides.
Click here to view in full: Anti-discrimination Policy

Health and Safety

U3A Yarra City recognises the importance of the health and safety of its members and volunteers. U3A Yarra City will appoint a volunteer Health and Safety Officer, who may be a member of the Committee of Management, to administer this policy. Any serious injury or illness occurring within the context of a U3A Yarra City activity must be reported immediately to the Health and Safety Officer who will inform the President.
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COVIDSafe (revised)

The purpose of this policy is to set out the rules relating to COVID-19 that fall within Terms and Conditions of being a member of U3A Yarra City.

Despite mask and vaccine mandates being lifted for many settings, the health advice is clear and recommends you:

  • Wear masks in a space (indoor or outdoor) where you can’t physically distance or where there are people who may be vulnerable to COVID.
  • Stay home if you are feeling even slightly unwell and take a rapid antigen test (RAT).
  • Keep your distance – 1.5m apart.
  • Avoid poorly ventilated spaces, crowded indoor settings and prolonged contact with others.
  • Use hand sanitiser regularly.
  • Keep up to date with vaccinations.

U3A Yarra City recognises that our membership is a vulnerable demographic due to our age, and that some of us have medical conditions that mean we must be extra careful.

Using the cautionary principle our Committee has decided that vaccination is a requirement for all shared activities. All those enrolling in U3A Yarra City must therefore declare that they have been vaccinated.

Any person who has contracted Covid must not attend any U3A Yarra City activity, for the duration of their infection.

The Committee is continually monitoring what is a fluid situation. The intention is that the vaccination mandate will be lifted as soon as it is prudent to do so.

Click here to view in full: COVIDSafe Policy

Conflict of Interest

This policy will apply to situations where the personal interests of individual(s) conflict with the best interests of U3A Yarra City or where decisions/actions may be influenced by personal interest rather than those of the organisation.
Click here to view in full: Conflict of Interest Policy

Data Privacy and Security: Statement

U3A Yarra City is committed to safeguarding privacy of personal information.  Overall responsibility for this policy rests with our Committee of Management.  Our Privacy Officer holds responsibility for compliance.

We seek to abide by the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) (PDP Act).  The Act is administered by the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner (OVIC) at https://ovic.vic.gov.au/  Our U3A seeks to comply with the Victorian Protective Data Security Framework and the Victorian Privacy Principles (VPPs).

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Data Privacy and Security: Use of the U3A’s IT Network

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • State the business rules for using U3A Yarra City’s IT equipment and related infrastructure
  • Identify who holds responsibility for carrying out or endorsing each element
  • Ensure data privacy and security is protected through a range of preventative methodologies.

Click here to view in full: Data Privacy and Security Statement: Use of the U3A’s IT Network

Data Privacy and Security: Bring Your Own Device

U3As using a variety of computer technologies often need to allow members to use their own devices to access, work or store information relevant to the business of that U3A.  This policy provides guidelines for the use of personally owned notebooks, smart phones, tablets or storage devices for U3A Yarra City’s business purposes.  It does not cover the use of U3A Yarra City-owned equipment.  Refer to the policy Use of the U3A’s IT system for business rules relating to using our U3A’s IT system.

Click here to view in full: Data Privacy and Security: Bring Your Own Device

Rules on Grievance Disputes

The Rules on Grievance Disputes are included our Rules of Association. To view them, go to Rules of Association, on this page, above.

Authorisation Note: These policy summaries were endorsed for publication on this website by the Committee of Management of U3A Yarra City.