Tuesday Forums

Zoom or equivalent online. 10.30am to 12pm

If you wish to join any of these classes (where places are available), please seek to enrol online (click the Member button in the panel on the right of the screen to log-in or contact us at u3ayarracity@gmail.com).

16/11 Cruising in Belgium Part 2 – Western Flanders

This is the second part of Deb and Howard’s travels on their barge in Belgium – a follow on from October 19th.
They own and (usually) live on their barge in Europe for 6 months each year in the northern summer. Deb is a qualified photographer and keeps a photographic blog of their travels. Moondance-barge.weebly.com

30/11 Inner Circle Line. Speaker: Jeff Atkinson

Jeff will talk about his book that tells the story of the development of Melbourne’s suburban rail lines, and in particular of the ill-conceived Inner Circle Line that ran through the inner northern suburbs from 1888 until its final closure in the 1970s. It tells of the political events that led to the line being built, the life and death incidents that occurred along it when it was in operation and, after it had closed, the struggle of a residents’ group to have the land and station building converted into facilities for community use.

14/12 ANNUAL QUIZ (YAY!). Boss: Wendy Hall

Participate in this marvellous event, win prizes and share lunch.